Crosswalk over Njarðargata

Crosswalk over Njarðargata

Build a raised, clearly marked crosswalk / zebra crossing over Njarðargata.


Between Eiriksgata and Soleyjargata there are no marked cross walks/zebra crossings allowing pedestrians to cross over Njarðargata. This also means that there are no crossings where the road has been made level with the curb to allow those with limited mobility or making use of wheelchairs to cross the street with ease. It would greatly improve the area if a clearly marked cross walk (or two) were added over Njarðargata.

Yes, on the corner of Freyjugata/Njarðargata. They are driving too fast there and here are many tourists, locals and cats.

Jafn vel fleri en eina gangbraut. Neðarlega og ofarlega.

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